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Custom Jewelry in Middlesex County, MA

Our goal with our custom designs, is to make our customers happy!

We can make any type of jewelry with our CAD programs, working with you to get you what you want for a fair price.

2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring
White Structure
3 Little Birdies Bracelet

Engagement Rings

A Moment To Remember

Creating an Engagement ring is something special.

 When you're ready for this next chapter in you’re life, we will make sure to turn the jewelry you envision into a reality. We have two different CAD programs to make anything you want, from style, choice of material, choice in stones, or possible

engravings in the ring. The process is hands on to give you something great.


Every Moment Is Special

We will work with you to create your vision, making that dreamed of Bracelet a reality. 

This piece was custom made to calm someone who gets very anxious driving, and Bob Marley's music helps them stay calm. 

It was created in Silver, but we work in all precious materials. 



A Gift to Remember

Creating a meaningful Necklace has never been so easy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, we can use inherited stones, to create what  YOU  want. These are repurposed pieces made out of antique pins. We have many different options to repurpose jewelry

Water Drops


A Personal Touch

If you want to draw some attention to yourself or a special someone, all you have to do is to send us your specifications and our jewelers will create a custom design for you. Contact us today to order your new pair of lovely earrings.

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